Arch Viz Training Series

I’m releasing a series of videos for anyone getting into UE4 for architectural visualization or real-time rendering.

In these videos, I talk about how to take a Revit model through 3DS Max using Unreal Studio’s Datasmith plugin, then into UE4. We’ll go over the absolute basics and important notes for lighting, rendering, and some considerations for VR.

Please note that this uses Unreal Studio which is (currently) in open beta. Bugs may be present and features will improve over time as the product grows!

I just want to know how to package for IPod…I have apple developer license and provision files. I have package as .ipa file but its not opening on my IPod… ( I want to know the words Launching Deploying and Packaging for IPOD.)

Hey Arunkumart,

I would be happy to help you out with this topic. Could you reply with a link to the exact hardware you are hoping to use? Also, what sort of interactivity would you like to have in the program?

Make sure your UDID is included into the certificate, since that could cause this issue.
Have you tried deploying directly onto the iPad?

Hi Steve Biegun,

Sorry for the late reply,

I have IPod pro latest model 10.5 inch, I need present my architecture project to client with this and How can distribute this project to his IPod?

Hey Arunkumart,

Have you looked through the UE4 documentation for this?

This looks like a helpful video that might guide you through this process: Unreal Engine, Packaging and Launching iOS from Mac - UE4U.XYZ - Y . If that doesn’t help, the iOS Development forum might be helpful if there is a specific issue that you are having: iOS Development - Unreal Engine Forums

Have you looked through the UE4 documentation for this?…iOS/QuickStart…This I have fallowed this link andthis is very helpfull till lanching my project, but when I want to package as .ipa format, its not opening in my Ipod so How can I give a copy to client?..

Anyway thank you for your response .