Arch Viz studio in Los Angeles looking for Real Time animation and VR experts

ZAR is a small studio located in Los Angeles but with a prestigious line up of international clients.

While we produce amazing skills we’d like to branch out into the more experimental forms of animation such as real time and 360 path based animations. We feel UE is a great tool to explore this.

Our focus is on architecture so if you have a background in such that would be great. Ability to model from plans is a must. Since we are just starting this branch a generalist is preferred.
The contract would be for a month or so of work, hoping to expand into a full time position.

Please send sample work that might be applicable to
Please send links to your work as well as any pdf copies of portfolios along with a CV.

Our site is
check us out and drop a line.

We would prefer to have someone come in-house to work with us as it might turn into a full time gig.