Arch viz lightning

Hello everyone .
I have the following problem . / See images / .

1 : shadows are shifted . / Lightmap is set to a high value of 1024 / .
I tried to adjust light but the result is the same .

2 : The colors of objects are different . Material is the same . / See the images / .


The shifted shadows are likely due to the location and direction of your light source.

I can’t see the big images but I was thinking like SE_JonF… looks like interior vs exterior lighting to me…

^ Right click on the thumbnails, and choose view image. It will display the full resolution.

last 3 pictures are illustrative. View color difference of the object from the outside and inside. Material and Light meters . are the same in both adjacent objects . Last is a mapping object .

The color differences may have something to do with lightmap uvs, you generally want the edges of your islands to snap to a grid line. Try that and see if it solves that issue.

The building is at absolute zero and attached to the object without gaps . The problem persists .

I’m referring to the lightmap UV, the edges of the islands should align to the grid. The walls seem to be static meshes, if that is the case are they modular and put together in engine or exported as one piece?


Ok repaired. I was there undesired polygons / lines / . After removing everything is OK …

Thank you for your time SE_JonF

Glad you were able to find a resolution. =)