Arch Viz Designing Concept: Ortho


This is my first go at Arch Viz using a Designing Concept I’ve dubbed: Ortho.

The premise is simple, create Modern to Futuristic Arch Viz using only UE4’s Cube Primitive and Fancy Materials.

To the Right is my first scene. Feel free to add your own to this thread.

It has a little minecraft feel :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t call that archviz

LOL, see Cubes…see Minecraft, however, there is more going on in the future. Take a close look at the Chair nearest the Table Stand…hehe.


I have two questions: 1) What can we create with just UE4 Cube Shapes in ArchViz? UE4 makes everything look good! 2) Did I mention the self-conforming Seat Materials on the chairs?

It’s possible to do some good looking archviz using only BSP in UE4, but what you have there is not a good example of that.

Did I mention it was my first go. Pretty harsh on the first go my friend. The 2 questions stand: 1) What can we create with just UE4 Cube Shapes in ArchViz? 2) Did I mention the self-conforming Seat Materials on the chairs?

In the future, those hard edge surfaces on the furniture/appliances, will shape-shift themselves to fit body of the user. I wont mention Augmented Reality Vision.

What do you mean exactly by ‘‘self-conforming Seat Materials’’ ? I don’t see anything special…

I’m not going to tell you something is good when it isn’t, it looks like a very basic 3D test from 1980

You did mention the self-conforming seat materials, but I agree that this is hardly architectural visualization. There is no architecture, nor are we discussing the design and visual quality of a space.

That being said, perhaps this would be a good topic for the Content Creation forum. This could be a very interesting ongoing project.

More to come. I’m creating furniture pieces first all using only UE4 cube shape. With a little imagination the self-conforming seat materials could exist in the future.

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Modular Shelf with illumination.

I think I may be confused. The “self conforming seat material” is a future idea, not something currently created. I still think you would get more positive feedback from one of the other forums that is closer to this sort of work. If there is more to come, perhaps the “Work In Progress” forum would be a good place for this.

Might also want to spend more than a few minutes on a concept

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A modern architecture design (which tends to be very orthogonal). The structure is entirely made with cube primitives in UE4 + a few fbx for props. One step closure to this. Now I have to master the lighting.

Yikes. Yeah I wouldn’t consider this ArchViz at all. Maybe more of a sandbox building game? Do you know what that term Archviz really means?
Learning how Architecture and design works while at the same time learning Architectural visualization always produces questionable results.

Hi @Lewis_Garrison, thank you for taking time to provide input. I agree, Its not ArchViz yet. I’m learning more about materials and lighting in UnrealEngine. My goal is to produce something worthy of consideration using only primitives in UE4 Editor.

If your interested in creating levels using only primitives you should check out the stuff from Blocktober.