Arch-Viz Character and Lighting Issue

Hi everyone, thanks for your interest. I am trying to deliver my first Arch-Viz scene. I am new to UE4 and have learned more than I thought I woud even have to in the short time I’ve been researching.

So I have my project built, and have everything looking such that the client is quite happy and is ready to accept delivery. I basically took a short OBS vid in edit mode, and submitted thia as a draft concept. The clients love it, so I packaged it for windows, and now it’s clear how new I am. I am trapped outside the house, collision is in effect, and when I get close to cabinetry in corners everything is far too dark. I’m using dynamic lighting. Should I use the Archviz character pugin? Do I need to install VXGI?

I thought I fixed this problem with a Skybox and HDRI last week but I could be wrong.

Thanks everyone