Arch Vis effects needs?

Gentleman Fred here. I wanted to create an asset pack specifically for Architectural visualization and I was wondering what people would need: here are my guesses:

water flows (for sinks, fountains and specialty water set pieces)
Fire place fires (fire embers etc)
environmental ambient dusts (for lighting and overall softness)
For outdoors maybe lamp bugs (?)

Any feedback or suggestions are welcome.


Sorry if I misunderstand, but are we talking particle effects?

I think the marketplace definitely needs some solid environmental/ambient effect packs. Those are the kinds of things that really make an environment breathe and come to life.

Yes I’m referring to particle effects, and any suggestions are welcome. I did have an earlier thread for effect requests, and it had some specific and broad requests in it.

Then yes, the particles you suggested would be awesome. Even impact effects, like quick, distorting concussive blasts. Snow, is something else that comes to mind.

Ok, I’m talking to a couple architects to see what kind of assets they think they’d need. I’ll be posting the plan as soon as it solidifies.