Arch Previs project, needs UE dev to take 3DSMax file and complete it in UE.

Arch Previs studio needs UE dev to take 3DSMax completed file (in datasmith) and finish and light in UE. Small environment. August completion schedule.

Hey there, I’d love to chat more about working together on this as we’ve been on the forefront of Archviz with UE4 since the very early days of the beta. What’s the best way to get a hold of you? Or better yet feel free to head over to our portfolio section at and click on Arch Viz to see some more like this:

Feel free to email me directly at

Checkout our sample project at the following youtube link
Drop me a line if you find our quality satisfactory, my email id is


that is my work!

If you are satisfied with our quality, you can email me!

my email


we are a small studio of 3d artists and UE4 developers and we can cower all your project. We have experience in Arch Viz with UE4. See some examples here: