Arch Plan 3D - Architectural Home Design App

Arch Plan 3D is an architectual CAD and home design app for PC, iOS and Android.

Our goal is to create a new way to draw and visualize floor plans, interior design projects and complete architectural buildings. Arch Plan 3D is the fusion of super easy to use CAD, high end realtime graphics, cloud-based objects library and pro-level DWG and PDF export.

  • Draw walls, doors, windows, floors
  • Online, always growing objects and materials library
  • Advanced snapping, aligments and precise input for professionals and DIY home designers
  • Save your drawings online and work cross-platform

Arch Plan 3D is getting really close to an open beta launch for PC and then 1.0 release for iOS.



Currently we are fixing a lot of bugs, polishing UI and I/O.

All suggestions are big welcome, thank you!




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I can’t wait to try this out.

Thank you! I really appreciate your heads up :slight_smile: It’s a very long project and is taking really a lot of work.

Now finally our project is coming to life!

I will keep you updated with more videos, screenshots and details in this WIP post!

I live in Toronto and its one of the most booming places for selling and buying houses and condo’s and also almost everybody renovates there place, you could most like even sell this to Real estate developers to Home Hardware shops.

I just love how this engine is used in very practical use cases.

Yes, we want to offer a high quality app for real state professionals and of course DIY renovation and furnishing.

Just a quick shot from the ground up:

I’m exited about the new Enterprise strategy for Unreal. Finally some love for non-games! Thank you Epic. Now I’m wondering how the new business model will work for apps (and not just visualization projects), since an app, in the end is close to a game in business model.

This looks amazing! keep up with the good work, can’t want to try it!
In bocca al lupo

Will there be support for multi-level housing? Most of your competitors have trouble with this.