Hello Unreal Community! Been working on a project and I’m excited cause I gots somethin’ for ya!

Arcanium is a game about an insane wizard fighting demons in an arcane void dimension.

So far it is a remake of a student project I did in the blender game engine, and I’ve gotten it to a point where it’s a “complete” game.

I say it’s a “complete” game because you can play it. You can win. You can lose. There are credits.

However, I’m far from done working on this (which is why I making this thread in the WIP section).
This is just the first “milestone” I wanted to hit so that I could share the project with you.

The game and project files will have the name “darkworld” as this was the name of my student project.


All the assets that weren’t directly created by me are credited in game, with info pertaining to the licenses. (cc0 attributions 3.0).
OR are free assets that are provided in the unreal marketplace that anyone can grab.
Also, if you are interested, I used the free makehuman blender tool to make the hands.

I wanted to share the project files with the community as thanks for the many tutorials I’ve utilized getting here. Hopefully, someone finds something useful.
Everything is in blueprints so far. I tried cleaning up most of it… but I can’t guarantee it is all pretty. I also can’t guarantee that everything is the “right” or even smart way of doing things.
Just take it as ONE example of how someone might approach a multi level game.

I didn’t include a main menu yet or instructions :frowning: so here you go…

w,a,s,d - forward,left,right,back
mouse - look
mouse left click - cast bolt
space -jump

The bars***
red - health - I really shouldn’t need to explain this to you. If it runs out you lose.
blue - energy - This gets depleted as you cast your bolt spell, it regens on its own.
yellow - sanity - This will get depleted if you are near enemies or if enemies hit you. When you have 0 sanity ANY CHANGES that would be applied sanity also get applied to health.

as your sanity depletes things will happen:
-you may start hearing funny noises.
-additional enemies can spawn
-your light will go out

You basically have to get to level 15 in order to win the game.

I’m planning on this game turning into a first person rpg with roguelike elements and a commitment to magic.
Right now it plays more like an endurance race (see how many laps you can go).

My plans for the next set of features going into the game:
“True First Person”**

-camera driven by head animations
-Cast animations
-Run animations
-Jump animations

Enemy Framework established
-Ghasts reimplemented in new framework (c++)
-Ghast abilities
-Ghast animations
-Ghasts killable
-Fix ghast spinning bug

-Shades reimplemented in new framework (c++)
-Shade dynamic locations
-change shade sound to something less unprofessional

-New enemy that shoots projectiles at player

-First Pass Main menudone
-First Pass intro

-super rough encounterable hub with 1 NPC that says a single line of text