Arcane Legacy


Dear developers, publishers, gamers and everybody else who is dwelling in these forums!

We are an Indie Development Studio From Italy, Rome, and our name is “Wisdom Games”.
Since 2 years ago, we are developing our first title, Arcane Legacy, that is a fantasy driven turn-based tactical competitive game.

You can follow us through different channels:
FB: Arcane Legacy
INSTAGRAM: Login • Instagram

Arcane Legacy is now in alpha stage and soon we will publish a playable demo on Steam.


This is Lodmor, the land of the Fathers, the Empire’s Core.

The thousand years’ war is now a distant memory and few remember the brutality that ravaged the lands before the Advent of the emperor.

To help maintaining the peace, the emperor has established the Judgement of the arcanium, where Champions selected by the Great Houses – the Archmages – battle against each other with powerful enchantment and invocations.

To the victorious House the emperor will grant a request, and the mightiest of the Archmages will have the chance to enter the Wanderer’s Tower, cornucopia of magical knowledge, overflowing with artifacts and ancient relics.

The champions are eager to fight, hoping the arcanium to be in their favour.

PLANNED GAMEPLAY FEATURES (below list can be expanded in the future) :

  • Fight in different environments: every house of the Realm has its own Arena and master its particular School of Magic.

  • Select your favourite house from the Realm, select its archmage and build a powerful combat spellbook choosing from more than 50 different powerful spells, servants, potions and scrolls.

  • Have fun with many special effects that can potentially change the game: be careful to kill servants that can trigger “Shout of Despair”, maximize the use of the “Summoncry”, use servants with “Charge” when the opponent is in trouble, let your strong servants take tamage to unlock their “Rage” abilities and much more.

  • Combat in an immersive 1vs1 match and select Unranked mode if you just want to have fun, Ranked if you want to climb the leaderboard.

  • Earn lots of chivalry titles that will be displayed in game to make your opponent afraid of you!

  • Make your strategy during the match: be early aggressive or control the board to unleash powerful magic finishers against the weakened opponent.