Arcadia Architectural Viz

This forum is for beginner like me. Also a documentation of all the challenges I am facing from start.
I need to complete this project for architectural tour for all type of device. Deadline is approx. 14 day from now.
More info will posted with time if it goes well.
I will appreciate anybody who will help me to do this project.

Me to have same kind of a goal …if you need any help i will try my best .so that we both could complete this kind of work.

Yes we can help each others problem, just post it in here and I will try to help though I’m beginner.

  1. The first confusion was what do I have to pay to unreal for this. They did answer
    “If you made $4000 gross revenue in a quarter, the first $3000 of that is royalty free, so you have $1000 of royalty-bearing gross revenue. Royalty is 5%, so in that quarter, you would owe a royalty payment of $50.”

  2. I started with sun temple sample. What can go wrong if I start with a sample? IS there any obligation or any problem to use this type of free sample in projects?

  3. Is there any surface based LOD system as unity? after applying auto convex collision it doesn’t solve my problem as I need to access inside some part of house. Then I needed to apply simple box collision to individual areas. Is there any better way to do it?

  4. I need to deploy it in iPhone, IPAD and TV IOS. I am working in windows platform. Do I need to register as developer must to test it in any of these device? Need registration of 150 $ just to test it on device? Does anyone know any other way to test it without registration as developer/ money?

  1. Ended up LOD with simple box collision like this. This is working. I just need to avoid the column
    But surface based collision would be awesome. It’s hard apply collision for each area. Any one got any idea?


  1. Do unreal/Epic staff support professionally for any project?
  1. Yes that is correct, the royalty is counted after the first $3,000 each quarter

  2. Any of the content that Epic has provided is free for use with commercial projects,

  3. LOD is level of detail, it has a system that can switch to lower resolution meshes and textures based on how close you are to them, you can either create your own low-resolution meshes for each LOD level or you can use the automatic generation feature which was added in 4.14
    As for collision, UE4 does not have mesh collision like Unity, this is due to the impact to performance, you have to use collision meshes which you can use the automatic generation or make your own.

  4. Yes, you have to pay for a 1 year Apple developer account to be able to test on your devices. Also, you will need a Mac to be able to submit to the Apple app store, it requires the XCode program which is only available on Mac. There is no way around this.

@darthviper Thanks for your help.

  1. Just created a glass material. But couldn’t add reflection yet. Any easiest way to do that?
    Simple metal, still no reflection I can add :frowning:


Textures were distorted after lighting rebuild, then imported without any texture and material. It was running good but after lighting rebuild it goes wrong again.


I think your meshes don’t have a 2nd uv channel unwrapped reserved for lightmap, I am wrong?

I thought arch-viz was royalty-free… Have they changed their mind about that? It doesn’t really have a major impact for arch-viz anyway, just curious.

@, thanks for your support.

Yes, I do think also arch-viz should be royalty free to embed architectural features in Unreal. I initiated this project 1 year ago and couldn’t complete it. Unreal is hard for beginner I guess. I hope this time I will be successful.

  1. Lightmap: I don’t have any knowledge in 2nd uv channel unwrapped reserved for lightmap. I have just imported as fbx from skp. I will try to find it in wiki and other places but if you know any shortcut way please help me with that.
    I can use max and other soft wears if it needs.

>>> importing as individual object will solve the problem?

>>> I need to stick to skp as my team’s workflow in skp. Let’s see how this works.

Reference: Whats the problem with Sketchup? and UV's - Rendering - Epic Developer Community Forums


If you want to use the baked lighting system each piece of geometry must have a 2nd uv channel unwrapped carefully. This will contains shadow informations once the lighing has been built.
I’m not sure if it’s even possible to do directly in sketchup. Most people bring the model in max or blender to uv unwrap a 2nd channel.

It can be a very tedious task but thankfully there are plugins for 3ds max that can do it automatically in 95% of the scenarios if you model carefully (think, modular), like

Good luck man! It’s not that easy at first.

Unreal can auto-generate lightmaps when you first import a fbx file but it may not give outstanding results, especially if your texture uv’s are messy to begin with. I strongly suggest to learn to use steamroller instead.

Hey ,

If you have a problem with importing sketchup, you can follow my tutorials on youtube. But 3dsMax 2017 has unbelievable UVW unwrap system. It is really game changer for lightmaps.

By the way, i don’t want you to feel disappointed but first of all you have to watch and read tutorials, investigate your questions which is already asked… You don’t know lightmaps and asked on forum. OK. But there are lots of source on internet what is it. If you searched your questions on internet, you didn’t asked to us. They are frequently asked questions and answers are everywhere. For example glass material question. On youtube there are tons of glass material tutorial, on this forum there are lots of topics about it. Just search, try to understand and ask spesific things. This is right way i think.
I guess i can understand what i’m thinking.

@ yes I agree with you. There is lot of resource in web. This is kinda documentation for mine as well as who need help. Beside I always prefer to find my own solution.

I have created some model in skp and didn’t applied any texture, only colour. Then imported as fbx as individual object and it seems it will work. I need to stick skp to Unreal workflow for my team. I do frequently use revit and max sometime. If unreal is serious about arch viz why don’t they create a easy workflow for this? This seems annoying and everyone in here stressed about it.

I will try with building model shortly with only applying color/no texture and importing as individual object for same materials.

Lightmaps has always being part of how games are made and unreal is still primarily a game engine.

Even if you only apply solid colors to each objects, without lightmaps, you won’t get good results. The lightmap is a texture on which shadows are drawn.

Other solutions is to forget lightmaps and use only movable lights. It ‘‘can’’ work for exterior images, in certain cases but it’s not enough for interior shots.
Or use a real-time G.I system like nvidia vxgi that doesn’t require any lightmaps. But again, it’s hard to get good results.

@ awesome. Mesh was stationary and light was movable …it works almost perfectly with skp texture for my purpose as it’s only exterior and will have pretty short time in future projects…Thanks a lot dude…I checked ur web…they are cool…

  1. Buttons: I will try to place buttons and light on/off option next…please keep in touch.Thanks again.

Yea for exterior, sometimes movable sun/sky is enough but the tweaking process is delicate. Here’s a w.i.p. i’m doing without any lightmaps. It’s so much more fun when you are free from having to build a scene hehe!

My sun intensity is 6 and set to movable. My skylight intensity is 0.2 with lower hemisphere color tweaked a little bit (greyish). Also movable. In the post process volume I add some saturation, A little bit of ambient occlusion because we don’t have any real G.I here. I enabled the brand new ‘‘contact shadows’’ too, it helps for light leaks. I activated Tonemapperfilm too. Planar reflections for the glass. Parralax occlusion for the concrete and heavy use of decals for all the dirt/dust under the steel roof.

geartlessphill , It seems you are in expert level. I tries that light and it seems right combination. I hope I will progress with time but for now it’s more important to finish the project within time compromising quality.

I followed the tutorial below to make buttons

9. I will develop blueprint for light on/off, fan on/off and louver on/off. That is where I need help most. It seems blueprint is the thing I can do most of the things.

To connect widget button to level blue print

somewhere in this video shows the event dispatcher have to create new input as string and same for binding event

Finally ended up like this video

The rendering quality will be updated later but I couldn’t package it to IOS.
I am using windows 10, UE 4.14, IPhone 4s and enrolled in IOS developer programme. Followed the instruction from

It’s not working. Is it out of date?

Can somebody help me to test I in my device and publish it to iTunes?

1.First it shows it can’t find info.plist file…I couldn’t find any ,plist file either.

  1. There was no green check mark

  2. What is right config in project setting?