Arcade taxi game with weapons

hey, i am currently working on a re imagination of a classic arcade game and am after some feedback


still have lots of meshing to do, ive used some of the assets from the crytek pack on humble bundle as well some of my own. i shall take a look at other sources as well thanks :slight_smile:


RT - Accelerate
LT - Brake
LB - Car Reset
L thumbstick - Steer
R thumbstick - lean Camera
Click R Thumb - behind view
A - Fire Weapon
B - Switch weapon
X - Handbrake


The AI that you pick up do run over and get into the car however nav mesh is not picking up all static meshes for some reason so had to take that feature out for now

Opponent AI just drives round for now however it is a WIP there will be traffic to avoid aswell as AI that try to kill you

there are Three weapons are in the project - Rockets , pulse and the auto fire machine gun on the back

The level is currently running in unlit mode as something is causing framerate issues that i am currently addressing.

Behavior looks good so far.

I’d say implement drifting and faster acceleration or give that impression with camera-motion blur tricks. I think that is what made Crazy Taxi super fun.


Update. fixed some collision issues and begun improving HUD elements

Quick Update : pretty much fully meshed out now. Also some rudimentary lighting in although needs alot of work.

To Do Next: Add Traffic!

Traffic is now in and adds alot to the gameplay. fixed a couple things here and there.

just some visuals to refine now

This kinda reminds me of a game called Quarantine, which is .

Looks like you’ve made quite a lot of progress since you started. I wouldn’t rush to polish anything just yet, feels like you’ve got a lot of gameplay options to explore?

i was born the year that came out :stuck_out_tongue: its definitely got a lot of similarities to my original ideas!

yea, i wouldn’t mind exploring more intelligent AI to begin with. and some more things to shoot at of course!

thanks for the feedback :smiley: