Arc Length using Predict Projectile Path

Hey Guys,

Is there a way to calculate the length of the arc of a projectile. Not distance to the destination, but the actual path. I’m using the Predict Projectile Path node. Any Ideas?

So what you want is to use the Predict Projectile Path (Advanced) instead, as the basic one only returns the last point.

Here’s my setup for the prediction. Notice how I lowered the Sim Frequency to 10, as this can get very intensive.

Then, you can use each sim point to calculate the distance from each one to the next.

I added a “Is Valid Index” as the last iteration will try to get the location from an index one over the last element of the array.

Then, on Complete, you have your arc distance.

If you’re doing this outside a function, notice how I’m setting Path Distance to 0 at the start of the operation. (1st image)

Thanks a ton! this was exactly what I was looking for!
I was using the Advanced node too, but didn’t think of using the array output