Arc Dev kit confusion

So I want to play around with the arc dev kit and make some mods. Mostly just importing new meshes and textures for items and such. Anyway I downloaded the Ark Dev kit through steam. Its 37 gb. When I click play it brings me to a web link. That link tells me to download a port from epic games. Okay cool, I like epic games. But then you have to download the custom unreal engine 4 set up for making ark mods through this epic games port. Its 50 gb. So I’m just a little confused. What was the previous 37 gb file from steam for? It only loads a link. These two files are larger than the actual game. I tried to find an answer online and that’s brought me here. I’ve searched around but haven’t found an answer. I was just wondering if anyone could clearify this before I put almost 100 gb on my computer and sign up and download for all these new ports and services

The Dev Kit is available from the Epic Games Launcher, this is the only place it gets updated anymore, nothing else is required.


What if the download keeps failing on the Epic Games Launcher?