Arbitrary rotation of orthographic viewport

When working in an orthographic view the current rotations of the camera is not always ideal.
For example in the Top view X goes to the right while Y goes to the bottom.
In this scenario I would have X up and Y right.

To make working with orthographic views easier in general it would be nice to edit the roll of the orthographic camera.

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When it comes to “2d” views, X is going to be your left/right axis 99.999999999999999999999999999999999% of the time. If you’d like for that to work that way, rotate all of your scene by 90 degrees,

Recently I needed to change the rotation of the Orthographic Viewport. Even if this post is old, I would love to hear if this feature has been implemented somewhere, or if someone has found a work around.

This feature is badly needed for blocking of isometric games.