Arachnid - work in progress

Sorry for choppy fps but my laptop can barely handle the game let alone fraps at the same time.

Started using UE4 a week or more ago and have been trying my hand at making a horror game ( easiest kind of game in my opinion)

Chose spiders because not only were they free to use, but I along with many people have Arachnophobia and felt it was creepier than the standard human uncanny valley horror games.
This game is hardly started but this was just my first (filmed) test run of the game to check for bugs ( which i found many of)
But over all it is going well for a first try.

I’m going to dial back and modify some of the sounds to have less jump scares…
I am trying to go for creepiness and that " i don’t want to go there" vibe rather than the typical “startle jump scare” that has been the norm.

I will implement a death system at some point and maybe portions of the level will include an AI system for chase or hiding scenes.

All sounds are going to be credited, all were edited by me and some were from scratch.

I am planning “story” wise on using notes/pieces of paper, to identify and relate to others with a fear of the creepy crawlies.

An example is the part in the video where the walls close in behind you along with the size of some of these spiders…
If you have a fear of small little critters and/or spiders, then you know the feeling of even being in a big open room, finding just one little spider can make the room seem smaller and claustrophobic and the creature feel gigantic in your mind.

Material editing tends to crash my poor little laptop so i’ll have to work on them separately at a later time, i think the provided starter content works ok for now though.

Any advice, tips , criticism is very welcome. :slight_smile:

Anyways, enough rambling, just thought i’d share my ideas and first go at UE4.

Hopefully when i get a proper pc to run this engine on, i can actually work a little harder on this game.

Thanks for reading.
Zin. :slight_smile:

(btw title is also a w.i.p XD)

You wrote “ROLL playing game” instead of “Role playing game” :stuck_out_tongue:

What are you talking about. :confused: It says that nowhere in my post.
Thanks for commenting i guess…

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