[Arabic] YouTube Channel and Arabic news blog about our industry

Hello everyone! It’s ya boi Yahiya from VR Division :smiley:

You may know me from our channel

But I also create Unreal Engine tutorials in Arabic!

and with the help of a friend, We just started translating some of the best industry articles!

I learned so much about CG and great artists by reading tutorials and interviews on community sites like ArtStation, 80.lv, Experience Points, CGSociety, 3dtotal and more

and we are delighted to announce that there’s an Arabic version with the same vision in the works!

To bring people who speak Arabic and are learning about real-time computer graphics together!

If you read Arabic, I hope you enjoy this new article we just translated on making a Volancologists Lab in Unreal Engine!

That we originally translated from exp-points

So currently we are only 2 people, we hope to create more original articles and interview unreal artists from the middle eastern community … step by step!

If you know someone who speaks Arabic please share!

also, feedback is super appreciated!

and Finally, If you speak English, be part of our community and academy

Discord (+1800)

Shukran Habibi! :pray: :smile: