Arabic text cut off at edges of TextBlock

There was an RTL measuring issue caused by some other fixes for LTR shaped text, however I’ve just checked and 4.16 has none of those changes, plus I’m still able to reproduce the issue in Main (which has all the fixes).

The issue seems to occur when using DejaVu Sans at certain zoom levels (Noto Naskh, our default Arabic font, is unaffected). I’ve raised UE-46760 to track this issue.

There’s no asset for Noto Naskh, but you can find the TTF file for the Regular style (NotoNaskhArabicUI-Regular.ttf) in Engine\Content\Slate\Fonts.

Alternatively you can download all the styles from Google: Google Fonts

I’ve read that originally Arabic text wasn’t supported, but recently it is?

I’m running 4.16. I don’t know Arabic so I [copied some lorem ipsum text from here][1].

However when I put it in a plain TextBlock, with the DejaVu Sans font (recommended for Arabic support), the right-hand side of the text is cut off. In the screenshot I’ve circled some examples in red.

Is there a way to fix this? Any suggestions?

Hi Jamie, thanks for the info! When you say “default font”, is that something that is included with Unreal? Otherwise I can just download it and install it.

Thanks for the information though :slight_smile: