AR/VR developer for architectural visualization.

For a few years I’ve been working with a company who specialize in architectural visualization, producing animations of their properties.
The client is now looking to expand into AR visualization on phones and to build VR (Vive and Rift) to allow virtual exploration, I however am a non-technical artist and will require help getting anything working.

We will be building two projects but as these projects will overlap (in method and assets); I would ideally prefer a single developer who is able to handle both jobs.

The first job is a for phone augmented reality app, thus experience with the unreal AR tool kit would be an advantage.

We are looking to use QR stickers/printouts, ideally with dual function:

  • First: If the app is not installed, the user will be directed to the location to install the app.
  • Second: After install or if the app is already installed, meshes of the properties will be loaded in over the QR sticker.
    So, it should be fairly straight forward, this is after all exactly what the AR tool kit does.

Some interactive features will also be required but these are up for discussion and as such I cant detail them, I will instead want to talk them over and find out what you think is the best way to achieve them.
The task is: to interactively remove sections of the buildings (specifically floor by floor), at the moment I’m thinking that I will simply build separate meshes for each floor but I would also like to explore shader based options.

Other interactive features will need to be added later (such as swiping left/right to show the next/previous building) but this is future work and not required for our first release. (i.e. will be handled as a new job)

We will be wanting to deploy on Android and IPhone, so if you’re experienced publishing to these platforms that would be helpful.

The second job is VR for Vive and Rift (cardboard to follow) with the ability to run on screen with mouse+keyboard controls:
I’m afraid I find it a little difficult to define exactly what’s needed here because it’s all pretty obvious stuff, it’s exactly what you would expect from a system built to view an environment (Teleport and mouse+keyboard/gamepad movement, identification of extant hardware)

This two should be fairly straight forward for anyone who has VR experience as there are no special features required (at first).
However the previous time we tried to build this system we had some problems with headset/controller locations when switching to-from VR (specifically, the view would drop to the floor) so I would ideally like someone who has run into a few of these traps and knows how to deal with them already.

One thing I notice from our existing system is that when we move with mouse and keyboard, the view rotates around the Vive’s space not the view location (i.e. when turning the view rushes forwards/backwards in a big circle around the center of the VR space), so if you’re good enough to be able to fix that, then you might be the person for the job.

We would like to discuss the possibility of openable doors/cupboards, working light switches etc, however I understand the lighting issues that may arise, so again, it’s very much up for discussion.

Generally speaking the VR project isn’t incredibly well defined as we fully intend to add features on a regular basis, right now we’re focusing on getting a basic, solid viewer running.

In the future we will want to do things such as swapping materials on furniture/walls/floors etc.
Moving objects.
Teleporting to preset locations.
Running in a ‘screen saver’ mode where the camera follows a path around the property.
Implementation of Leap Motion controllers.
And various other things but again, these will be handled as separate jobs in the future.

For this, we have no specific plans for deployment, it can simply be downloaded from a website, but if you do know about getting stuff up on Steam?, please let me know.

Who we’re looking for:
The ideal candidate will be someone who is interested in working on these projects (and providing support) in an ongoing fashion, we may want to add new features occasionally for years to come, so we are very much not looking for someone who wants to deliver the work and walk away, we want you on team for the long term.

Experience with VR and/or AR is a BIG plus.

Experience publishing to app markets would be helpful.

To be able to develop VR you are going to need access to a headset.
(also, I will want to talk to you on skype/similar, so you will need a working mic)

I only speak English so sorry, if you don’t that’s going to be a real problem.

And finally, I am located near London, England. proximity is preferred but certainly not required, it just makes life easier for communication if we’re working on similar clocks, and if meeting in person is possible? that too is very helpful.

If you would be interested in joining our little team, please let me know by replying here, with a PM or you can email me at

Thanks in advance for your time, I look forward to speaking with you.

Thanks for all your applications, I’ll be contacting people today.