AR Kit 3.0

Any idea of when Apples AR Kit 3.0 will be available in Unreal Engine?

I second that.
Unreal Engine presented itself as forerunner for mobile, VR and AR. And now 2019 not much left of these promises. ARCore is outdated and ARKit3 not to find on any roadmap. More and more evaluating other engines, but really want to stay with Unreal.…t-for-arkit-3/

Please Epic, adding this to the road map on trello would be a gleam of hope.

We know you work hard and cannot work on all small niche features, but Mobile AR is gaining attention and Unreal Engine was always at the forefront of Mixed Reality technologies.

Good news! GitHub shows an update in 4.23 for Arkit3
“Adding beta ARKit v3 support from task stream”, (from Sept. 13th)
(github access required. how to: Unreal Engine 4 on GitHub - Unreal Engine)

Thanks Epic! :smiley: