AR camera and scene scale

Hi all,

Is it possible to “scale up” the movement of the AR camera? I ask because I have a large building scene that when scaled down to fit within the view the light map build is very bad, am I wrong in thinking scale does affect lightmass? Any test I’ve done with the building at 1.0 or 0.1 has good light maps but once it gets down to 0.01 (small enough to fit within the view) the light maps are very blotchy.

If I’m wrong then please let me know, could it be some ambient occlusion I’ve forgot to turn off?

Either way if it is possible to set the AR camera to be higher and further back, as though it’s on a spring arm so further back but will still let you walk around then please do let me know.

Many thanks anyway and I’m aware 4.19 has just been released but I really want to keep this inside of 4.18 as there’s a deadline looming.