Aquiring UE4 other than by downloading it.

Are there any other options?
Or for that matter, anyone in SW Victoria, Australia, who has it and can USB it?

I’m in the middle of nowhere with no where near enough download capacity, or reliability, to download it.

Thanks in advance.

You must first create an account and agree to the terms, after that if you don’t want to download through the launcher you can download the source from Github which would allow you to use a download manager. Then you would just have to build the source.

Thankyou darth, yeah I’d found that one out, and have created an account. But quite frankly even the 1.6ish gig download that would entail is probably pushing the reliability.

For explanation, we’re forced to use a 3g modem here, and the techs tell us that we really should be using a roof mounted antenna for it due to distance from the base station and being in a hollow. (Let alone the abysmally small download allowance :frowning: )

Any net-coffees or neighbors (with wired net connection and some DL speed) near in the horizon? :frowning: