Hi everyone !
So. We are 3 developers working on this project.

Aquarine is an underwater open-world adventure/action game, with a lowpoly graphic style.
You play as a little fish, exploring a huge sea while fighting monsters and the bad corporation. (The main quest is deeper than that, don’t worry)

The particularity, is that you can evolve your character, with a large evolution tree, divided into three sections : Agressivity / Furtivity / Resistibility
These evolutions will give you some cool combat skills, and passive improvements which will change the aspect of your character !
So, you start as a little fish, and you can end with a monster, depending on your evolutions.

Some screenshots :
Screen 5.jpg
Screen 6.jpg

Anim. Test.gif

Have a good day, see you later !

First screenshots look good! The atmosphere is definitely there! I always enjoyed games that take place underwater. And this one sounds very interesting with the evolution and everything.

If this is your first game, I hope you keep the scope relatively low, so you don´t give up this project half way through.
Good luck on further development!

We did some simple projects before. So yes, this is our first real game.
Thanks for your support !

Little bump !
We have started the final look of the map, and the fight system.
I wish we could release a trailer around March…

Very cool concept. Have you played or seen Echo the Dolphin on Sega? That’s my favorite underwater game for sure.

Thank you ! And no, I never heard about it before, very nice lookin game actually !

Another BUMP.
The game is on a good way, and now copyrighted.
We could release the first private test version in a week !

See you later !