AQUARINE (Our first video game)

Hi everybody ! (I’m French ! So, excuse my English)

I work with two friends on our first video game since February.
Aquarine is an adventure, action game in a submarine Open-World, with a low-poly graphic style.

At the start, you will choose between three little fishes (with different statistics), and you follow a main story. (And sides quests)
You will discover a “beautiful” world, with cities, strange places and creatures.

The particularity of this game is the evolution tree :
By killing enemies, you’ll earn Evolution Points.
Those points are used in the evolution tree, to… evolve your character !
Some evolutions are skills, used in fights ! (Charge / Bloody bite / Ink cloud / …)
And others are passives, and they will evolve the visual of your character ! (Bigger body / Longer fins / Poisonned body’s spikes / …)

Your little character could become a sea monster ! :slight_smile:

That’s the project… We think it’s original enough for a first game.
It’s hard to create of course !
But we can do it !

And we would like to know what’s your thinking about this project.
Thank you everybody !