APX file Failed to Import

So, I am trying to mess around with Hairworks and I followed this guide:
When I try to import the apx file, it states that it fails to import and create asset.

Am I missing a step here?

Apparently, after doing some reading here and there it would appear that there used to be some file on github that allowed nVidia hairworks to work in UE4. The file link is no longer working, does anyone have it? I’d love to play around with hairworks.

I think I figured it out. Have to have a github account linked to the Epic account to get the UE version with hairworks. They really should just build hairworks directly into the main version. Doesn’t make sense for it not to be directly implemented.

The Nvidia stuff isn’t complete yet, plus Epic will not integrate features that only work on one type of hardware, some of the Nvidia stuff works on both Nvidia and AMD graphics cards, but not everything.

Bleh, suppose that makes sense. Just would be nice to not have to do this rebuild. Building my UE4 with hairworks now. Can’t wait to play around with it.

So, doing a bit of searching around, it would appear that this fork is the big dog right now when it comes to having the most integration.

If anyone knows of one with more please do tell. Seems like this one has the most tho.

I have forked it like you said and downloaded it but it still isn’t working…Can you maybe pls go a little bit in detail how u managed to get it working?

have you imported HairWork’s file in?I face to same problem now