AppTrackingTransparency permission IOS14

In IOS 14 apple annouced the new AppTrackingTransparency.
If im show ads in my released app, need to do anything in Unreal Engine (4.24.3)

Or don’t care about this, after 08.28 there will be no UE4 apps in app store…?

I am also wondering about this. Were you able to figure anything out? I figured there might be a way to add something into the additional plist option box under iOS settings in unreal, but I am not totally sure what would be needed in there if that is an option that would work.

Where you able to resolve this issue? When trying to get my app approved I get this feedback:

**We’re looking forward to completing the review of your app, but we need more information to continue. Specifically, we noticed that your app uses the AppTrackingTransparency framework, but we haven’t been able to locate the relevant AppTrackingTransparency permission requests.

While it is not required to implement AppTrackingTransparency at this time, we check to make sure the implementation is compliant with our guidelines when we detect the framework in an app.
Next Steps
If your app integrates AppTrackingTransparency, please indicate where in your app we can find the AppTrackingTransparency permission request.

If your app does not integrate AppTrackingTransparency, please indicate this information in the Review Notes section for each version of your app in App Store Connect when submitting for review.**


I’ve made an opensource plugin with App Tracking Transparency request dialog window.

You can integrate it inside your project and call the dialog before you do any analytics with IDFA.