Appstream of lightroom interior demo

I wanted to test solutions to allow clients to visualize high quality scenes even if they don’t have the hardware.

Here’s a screen of max quality Koola’s lightroom demo being played in my browser. It is streamed via X.IO. Took 3 mins to upload the app to their website and takes 10 seconds to load the scene in my browser. You can send a simple link to your client for them to access the scene. Of course, it cost (a little bit) of money but it’s far more accessible than buying a 2k $ pc. Also, should work on any device, like a tablet or even a phone!


Couple restrictions for now because X.IO is still in beta. Max res is 1080p, max fps 30 in browser.
I made a matinee when the level is loaded then after that the player has complete control of the character and can explore the scene.
Not sure if the framerate was reaching 30 fps, I’ll have to benchmark it. They stream from high end pc but only with a GPU equivalent of a gtx 680. Hopefully they’ll improve that in the future. That would also be interesting for VR because I don’t see many clients having strong enough pc’s for that. Of course the end result is dependent on the internet connection quality!

Here’s the captured footage with shadowplay straight form browser. Sorry if my movement are choppy, the freelook and movement speed was set to very high sensitivity lol.

I think amazon appstream does the same, maybe better, maybe not, I’ll have to test but is dead simple to set up and use!

Hi, I also tried the same but on Amazon AppStream 2.0 | Non-Persistent Desktop & App Virtualization. Wanted my file to run on any available device without the constraint of specific platform. It is really amazing how things work on cloud. Thanks for sharing info about X.IO service.

Hi Guys,

This is amazing post, outling pretty much exactly what I need to do at our firm. We have major problems convincing our clients that they need to invest in common, high-end hardware specs for their renderings. We run the risk of users going the cheap route and building inadequate systems and having a sub-par product.

At first glance Amazon AWS app stream seems to be cost effective. Does anyone have experience using this service? Are browser experiences 30+FPS and HD? Has X.IO improved much since this OP? Are there other app stream services that I’m missing? Thanks guys!

Hey, I’ve learned about this possibility a few days ago and I think it’s amazing. Probably the best way for our clients ( architects, real estate developers etc) to present their clients the projects.

I am going to test out amazon appstream soon.

Is there anyway we can have a look and test your upload? I am curious if it’s point on responsive to the input or is there any lag? I am wondering if it would be fast enough for VR headtracking.

I’ll try to send you guys a code in PM so you can experience it but it’s linked to my account…it’s free since it’s beta I think but in other circumstances I would be billed for that. Stay tuned!

Looking forward to receiving your PM and thanks for doing it.

Thanks, heartlessphil … looking forward to it!