Apps crash on iOS11

hey guys.

I deployed few apps for testing purpose on my iphone6Splus(with various version of UE) for about a year.
now when I try to open them, all of them are crashing at the splash screen.

this is very very odd! so I made some new projects in UE4.17 and UE4.18.2 with different settings like ios switching to “metal shader standard” version2 or “minimum ios version” to 11. the packaging was successful but when I try to install the IPA file with my iTunes, the app icon appears as blackout and installation cant complete. taping on the icon causes the warning “unable to install”.

I should say my provision profile was expired about 6 months ago and UE didn’t let me package for ios, so for last few months, I set my computer date to earlier date for packaging and my apps worked normally. lately, I updated my ios to 11.2.1. I don’t know this is relevant or not, but is there any checking method for provision profiles based on expiration date before installing on ios 11.2?

I appreciate help and thoughts on this matter.

I can’t help you with your provision question but I think it is normal for UE apps that they do not work for another iOS version anymore. We also had some older apps that just crashed and we had to repackage them. But ours work as expected and you should maybe get yourself an updated provision file :stuck_out_tongue: