Approaching Organic Modeling

So I’d like to begin modeling some characters for development however, I’ve never done anything human/bipedal. Only environment such as chairs, tables, beds etc. I’m familiar with the Open Source Modeling Suite: Blender. So using this would be an advantage. Can anyone recommend any courses/tutorials/books on the topic that really go in depth about how to do it?

I started with this tutorial from blender cookie: :slight_smile:

Great tutorial, also blender got much much better in last few years, its very tempting atm.

But could you talk slower, not everybody is is that good with english. I barely can follow. :smiley:

Ps. I can either focus on what you say or focus on actual tutorial, both is hard.

Thats not my tutorial. My english isn’t so good :stuck_out_tongue:

Darn, they either have bad “engrish spellink”, crappy microphone, or talk very fast. Or play some music in background. There is no hope for humanity anymore.

Or they have a strange accent like I have :smiley:

Well with enough practice, I’m sure I could probably do a tutorial designed for someone just like myself who is just starting out, how I would have liked to have seen a tutorial…could be a little while before that happens though.

I have a friend that is a pro with blender I will ask him if he made a tutorial on organic models,he will explain the process diligently as well :slight_smile:

A good workflow is to export a mesh from MakeHuman to Blender and then use that as your base to sculpt on, that way you have the basic raw form to start working with.

If you’d like a tutorial to follow at your own pace, there’s the classic Joan of Arc tutorial. It’s written for an ancient version of 3dsmax, but you should be able to apply it to Blender just fine.

There’s also the Varga hair tutorial for down the line. Again, written for Maya, but with knowledge of Blender’s tools, you should be able to apply its principles.

I think character-modeling is all about topology. If its for the shape or animation, a good topology has proven
to be very helpful. I personally found “The Pole”]( a very
informational document on that topic aswell as this site.

However, now that certain sculpting-software have retopo-tools as feature people tend to go the other way around and sculpt before they do the
low-polygon and then retopologize for a decent topology which is easier (at least for me) as it tends to fall more naturally into place.

That second link in particular is excellent. Bookmarked.