Approaching a mech/robot rig

Hi guys, I’ve gone through most of the tutorials on line and have a pretty general understanding of things in UDK4, but I’m ready to try something a little more complex. I want to have a playable character that I can swap arms/legs/head on. For instance, My player can swap his right arm out for a gravity cannon or something like that (I don’t want it to be a weapon in his hand) i mean the whole arm gets replaced with new art.

Any suggestions of the best way to do this? Do I have to share a base skeleton? Can the new arms have their own animations?

Any help appreciated!

You can composite a character blueprint to included everything you need as a component of the model and just turn on and off visible in game with a conditional action.

In context as to your plan export/import each of the parts of the character as a separate skeletal mesh add the parts to the character components. Done.

Thanks FrankieV! Hmmm… sounds like you know exactly what to do. I don’t think I’m quite following you though, any idea if there’s any documentation or tutorials on how to set up that particular character blueprint?