Approach to Developing for Mobile but Testing on PC?

Hi all,

I had been using the Mobile Preview functionality (under the Play button) to test a little game I am working on and all seemed well. The UI had been designed for a specific scenario/resoluton and the little window that was launched look good - hazzah!

Then I wanted to get a few people to test it, on PCs, so packaged the game up and sent it to them. When run, it either went full screen, or to 1280x760, and ripped the UI apart. Needless to say, it looked utterly awful.

I’ve looked through the project settings and haven’t been able to find anything that seems to allow me to control the size of the window when running on the PC instead of the intended target hardware. I’ve seen some articles online which talked about creating a DefaultGameUserSettings.ini file which I’ve done and that made no difference. The only thing which has worked so far has been to add an Execute Console Command node in the Level Blueprint and jam in a set resolution command. It works, but makes me feel dirty.

I appreciate this is perhaps a bit of an unusual way to test a game intended for a mobile platform but I wondered if anyone else has had similiar requirements and experience the same problems and if so, how they worked around it.

Any information would be really appreciated.

Try bluestacks. As far as i know, it will let you manually insert an APK. It will not let you insert an ABB though, as those cannot be directly launched, only uploaded.

Hi @bits360, thanks for taking the time to reply.

I actually used to have Bluestacks installed on my own PC and it was pretty good, however, in my scenario above, I would have other people testing the game and I cannot assume/expect/require them to install that as well. Ideally, the game would just run in a window the same size as it does when using the Mobile Preview mode etc.