Applying textures exported from substance to a mesh imported from Blender

For some reason blender sometimes likes to invert the normal’s when exporting an FBX file. This means that I have to flip the direction of the normal’s on the mesh in order to achieve the correct display. However, when applying the exported textures from substance into the mesh in Unreal it apply’s as a shiny almost chrome like material. Please see reference image 1:

The footstool on the right should be the same colour and texture as the sofa on the left (Dark red leather), but it has had its normal’s inverted in blender meaning that the textures apply like so. (the sofa hasn’t had any of its normal’s inverted). I have attached and image of the material nodes below:

I have tried to fix this issue by removing the metallic nodes , changing roughness settings and removing certain textures but nothing seems to work. If I apply the material to another object it comes out correct. It only fails when applying to a mesh which has had its normal’s inverted in blender.

Hope someone can help,

I’m curious if what you are looking for is “Flip Green Channel” in the texture settings. Try exporting with your normals facing forward, apply your texture. Open your normal texture in the texture editor and try enabling “Flip green channel.” If this isnt what is happening, you can try changing the “Normal Import Method” under the static mesh import settings. Try having unreal compute the normals rather than flipping them. Hope one of these solutions work for you