Applying texture evenly across multiple objects

Happy Saturday everyone,

Bit of an issue with a project that I am currently working on.

I have a object created in C4D, which is being shattered by a Voronoi Fracture Object, so once imported into Unreal, it is a about 50 pieces or so. The issue that I am having, is how do I go about apply my texture/material evenly across all of the pieces, do I need to UV Unwrap before fracturing in C4D before fracturing, then export the UV map?

Not sure if that is even possible, I’m just assuming here.

Please advise. Thank you all and have a wonderful weekend.

Assuming the exterior of the mesh is being cut during the fragmenting process, its UVs would be cut and preserved as well, allowing whatever texture you initially made to carry through. It’s possible that the UV data is lost during the fragmenting, in which case you could possibly transfer UVs from an unbroken mesh to the finished (hopefully this isn’t the case). The interior surfaces would receive new UVs (if any). You can probably auto-UV those pieces and assign a separate material to them.

I haven’t worked with C4D but that workflow checks out.