Applying radial damage with falloff

Hi, I want to use the BP node “Apply Radial Damage with Falloff”.
In general what would be a reasonable falloff exponent (“Damage Falloff”), for, say, a grenade or so?


Hey guys, no ideas on this?

This is a design choice you have to make. Just place a buch of actors which report received damage in a meaningful way (e.g. just print it on screen) at different distances to a grenade actor and have the gernade actor deal damage. Then experiment.

A physical approach: A linear falloff (i.e., 1.0) is easiest to judge for the players. A better approximation would be something closer to quadratic. In outer space, where the total energy is distributed on the sphere around the explosion you would have a falloff of 2.0, but on the ground you have reflections from the ground (I’d still go with 2.0, but a five to ten meters inner radius). Indoors or in close quarters you have even more reflection from (low) ceilings and walls. There I’d actually choose something like 1.2 or so. Finally in something like small indoor bunker settings the energy cannot escape anywhere, the shock wave is reflected from the walls immediately, so you have no falloff there.

The gameplay approach: If you want to do most damage to directly hit targets and only some slight area damage to bystanders take something like 2.0. A falloff of 1.0 gives you the simple rule “twice the distance to the sourece, half the damage”.

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Ohh that is great, thank you very much for your detailed answer!