Applying Noise (via submixes?)

Hey all,

I’m totally new to the audio engine and synths so this is probably wildly off-base/a bad idea. Context: I’m trying to make a sort of wooshy jetpack sound entirely via the modular synth. The actual noise oscillator it provides is really close to the sound I want, but you can’t seem to control the octave or input it’s using at all (it seems to ignore the midi 60 C I am providing as a played note). Theoretically I can do something like take my high C and apply noise to that right? What’s the best way to go about that? I’ve been trying to set up a submix to the sound and adding a submix preset but none of them seem to be the sort of thing I am looking for. Are there plugins I need to install? Is there a way better way to do all of this?

Thanks for any help!

Noise is Noise - random across the spectrum so not influenced by any note you play. All you can do with it is filter it (or pass it through some other effect). It sounds like you want to sweep the cutoff of a filter probably with an ADSR plus perhaps some sort of start cutoff based on note (keyboard following) or something else like a game event value. Also experiment with the type of filter (low pass/band pass/high pass and the Q setting depending on the sound you want.

Thanks for the advice, this gives me some new technical topics to learn about!