Applying Movement Animset Pro to Third Person Character Template

Hey guys!

I recently bought the Movement Animset Pro, and followed the tutorial on making the the Walking/Running and Stopping blendspaces the creator provided. I would have asked this of Kubold the creator, but from what I can see he is fairly new to the engine, so I don’t think he’d know.

So yes, I successfully made the blend spaces, and got it working in the animation blueprint, which is nice and dandy, however I’m kind of lost on how to get that working on an actual character, specifically the Third Person blueprint character. My plan is to start with that template and just add on bits and pieces as I go to learn. But I’m stuck. I’ve made the blend spaces, and the blue print, but does anyone know how to swap that in place of the Third-Person Template characters starting blueprint? I’m assuming when I create the blend spaces I need to make them using the mannequin’s skeleton? But after I’ve made them, then what? Could anyone point me in the right direction? Sorry if the answer is blindingly obvious, and I feel like it is, but I am stumped! :confused:

Additional bonus question, for cookies: Someone in Kubold’s thread suggested not to use Root Motion animation for games using networking as it causes issues. Is that the case? If so… why?

Thanks in advance!

As of the Movement Animset Pro 4.8 version the animation set uses the same skeleton as the UE4 Mannequin (This is not true of the 4.7 or earlier versions.) So you should now be able to swap out between the Third Person Blueprint character and “Silver” mannequin character by assigning all to the same skeleton.

So I’ve just realised I have downloaded the older version (4.7) of the animset pro, and was wondering why they didn’t seem to actually share the same skeleton as you said. I’m downloading 4.8 as a type this, but my next question is, even if I simply swap the Anim blueprints I’ve made for the default Anim blueprint of the Third Person Template character, will that really still work? Don’t some connections need to be made regarding player input, so the character actually moves around when I press the buttons? Or will these inputs remain the same for the swapped-in Anim blueprint?

Since you set your player inputs in your project settings, as long as the blueprints reference these same inputs you should have no problem switching between. For example, space bar for “jump” will be the same the UE4 default character and any other character blueprint referencing the same “jump” action that was set up in initially in the Project Settings under “Inputs.”