Applying impulse to ragdoll

I’m having a problem with getting impulse to work with ragdoll. The plan is to make the character to ragdoll on projectile hit and then apply an impulse. This is how I set the character to ragdoll:

The character successfully goes to ragdoll when these nodes fire.

I have set the skeletal mesh (Mesh) to Ragdoll collision mode. I’ve tried to use impulse (radial, angular etc.) under physics, but there’s absolutely nothing happening to the ragdoll. It works when I shoot one of my projectiles on the ragdoll. I need that same force to be applied by blueprint. Any ideas what I have missed?

My guess would be you do not apply enough force… try scaling the impulse by the mass of the ragdoll.

got it working with this node:


location is world location of hit component and bone name of mesh.