Applying for Unreal Enterprise Program License


I am trying to get Unreal Enterprise Program License for the company I work for to use in synthetic data generation and try to contact using the form on the custom-license webpage.

However, I did not get anyone from Epic games to contact me back. Is there any other way I need to get in touch? If so, please let me know as we want to set up a system as soon as possible.

Narsi (Jabra - OCTO, AI/ML researcher)


The last time I posted this question, a representative from UE contacted and clarified the questions I have regarding the synthetic dataset generation using UE4 and Metahuman. I found out that I cannot use metahuman for this purpose but I can go forward with UE4 with my own models.

After that, I requested to send the required documents to apply for a UEP license for UE4 but the representative went silent again.

Is there any way for me to speed up this process to get the required information and application process to the UEP license for UE4?


I would very much like to connect with a representative for the Enterprise Program.
I am from the architectural industry and I am eager to get a contract in place so I can continue with my venture.
Thank you in advance for your time and for any connections or advice!

I’m a game developer requesting contact and additional information about the Enterprise program and custom license. I already submitted a request via the “contact us” link but still haven’t heard back from anyone.