Applying damage to a destructible mesh after a 5 second delay when the player overlaps?

I’m not sure if this belongs in the animation section but i’m having issues figuring out how to make it so that a destructible mesh gets dealt damage over the course of a 2-3 second delay and then collapses under your feet. Originally i wanted all of my platforms to just fall after a short delay over a period of 2 seconds and that all works perfectly fine. But i want to throw in some platforms that also fall apart under your feet for fun.

Right now i have a DM that falls apart after shooting it after a 2 second delay and THAT works fine but there are times that something really trippy and cool happens where it falls apart slowly and almost acts as tho there’s no gravity? LOL it’s cool and weird but not quite what i wanted (tho I might experiment with that further anyway)

can anyone help me set up a basic blueprint for what i’m asking for? a DM that breaks apart slowly under your feet after you overlap it with a 1-2 second delay to give you time to escape falling with it. and MAYBE the breaking apart is slow (not sure yet but that’ll come after i figure out the first part)