Applying blue static mesh on character when jumping

I have a translucent mesh i want to apply when sonic is jumping not sure how to apply though?

Here:The mesh needs to be visible when sonic is jumping.

There are a few things you could try:

  1. Add a static mesh component on your Sonic character and set the visibility on and off when the character movement component isFalling is set to true/false.


  1. Create a custom static mesh actor that is invisible by default and watches your character. When the character is falling, the actor will update it’s location to that of the character plus some offset to center itself to the character, and toggle visibility. Toggles back to invisible when the character is not falling.

There are probably other ways, but those come to mind as simple to implement.

I shall try thanks

Am a noob, this is a simple task but i cant quite do it.
heres a print screen:

Like this I mean lol

I think you’re getting there in terms of showing/hiding the spheres, but your blueprint probably doesn’t do what you’d expect in terms of mimicking Sonic-like platforming controls. I think if you held down the Jump button, the sphere wouldn’t get hidden until after you stopped pressing the Jump button.

Yeah it does exactly that.
Though like i said I just want it to show when i hit jump once and then deissapear when landing.
Not entirely sure as I suck at coding for the moment.

How I would do it is when the Jump button is pressed, if the character is not falling, launch the character up in the air and set the visibility of the sphere to true.

During Tick execution, if the character is not falling, set the sphere visibility to false.

That pretty much done it, thank you.