Applying a damage function to another actor

So on the character controller i have created a blueprint which will fire a trace and log the name of the object it hits, which all works fine.
However i would like to damage the objects that i hit, since i have created a health blueprint for some of my actors i would like for the trace function to call the damage function on the object they hit.
Anyway how would i call a damage function on anything with a basic health script, i’ve looked at the documentation but i’m confused as to how i would do it on on the object hit.
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


You can do this multiple ways but here is a simple set up that should get you started. Keep in mind that this is an AI that shoots the player, but this could easily be reversed.

The AI fires and it Applies Point Damage to anything it hits.

If the player is the actor that is hit, on Event Any Damage it increments the Health by that amount.

I hope that helps.