Apply UMG buttons to different assets


So I created one UMG menu for changing the asset’s materials (tables and walls) in my level just by pressing a button.
I enabled the mouse cursor in my level Blueprint for easier testing. And then I created one Blueprint for each asset I want to interact with.

The problem is I cant have both assets to work at the same time. It only works with the latest Blueprint I compile.
So for example, if I compile and save my tables_bp the last, only these ones can change their material. Walls dont work and viceversa. I dont really know whats causing this, maybe I’m doing something wrong.
What I want to achieve is to create a big menu with several buttons each one of them assigned to their asset. Any tips?

Here are screenshots of my Blueprints. If you need additional info just ask for it. Thanks in advance!

Looks like you have got adding to Viewport fine.

When you create the widget, promote to variable. Easier.

Then get the reference, from that, reference the button, then from that button, bind on click event.

I will show you what I mean in a second,

Need to load UE4


How, this is how I reference my widgets.


Then this how I get the buttons bind and event. For this one, I get my “COOK” reference, reference the “Previous” button, “Bind on click” this will allow you to make a customer event when that button is pressed.



So Narg, I replaced my Create Widget button by Promote to Variable in each asset blueprint.
But, whats exactly the next step? Do I have to modify anything inside the Widget Blueprint? I really got lost.

How do I reference my widget’s onClicked button?

I think my problem is I have one Event Begin Play in each Actor’s Blueprint so thats whats causing the issue.
How can I set my each Blueprint active without having to put Event Begin Play?