"Apply Splines" at run-time (or even better, dynamic terrain)

Since 4.8, there has been a node called “Editor Apply Splines” which allows you to apply a regular spline to a landscape. The limitation of this however, is that it can only be called in the editor, and will not work at run-time. And so, this request is for the ability to use “Apply Splines” in-game.

Also, this request could be expanded to pretty much include the ability to dynamically modify/create landscapes which is a somewhat big feature that UE4 currently lacks. It’s a pretty big feature that could benefit a lot of projects looking to have procedural terrain!

Hi DrEllisD,

This is already a feature request in our system as UE-15203.


I had a play with this but I can’t seem to get it to apply. The docs don’t have an example that I could find except the node definition types. Any chance of a little heads up on using it?


Still no avail 4 years later on UE-15203? I really wish this feature would be available at Runtime.