Apply properly a turn animation without root motion


I’m thinking about perform a 180 degree turn for my character and I don’t find the solution. I have a turn animation without root motion and when the animation finish the mesh go back to the initial position. I have tried to rotate my character at the animation’s end but looks like ****.

Any idea for manage it??


PS. I posted it in Animation forum but I think that it fit better here.

I would recommend you use root motion. Any reason you decide to go without it?
Only other solution I can think of is if you animate the 180 degree turn without him actually turning 180 degrees and then manually turning his root from code (which root motion would do 10x better).

Hi MPalacios,

The main reason is i’m using mixamo anims and the exporter to unreal is not working for root motion rotations (translations are ok). I tried to copy animation keys from hip bone to root (yes mixamo skeleton has root bone) but the hip bone has a initial rotation so the keys are based on this rotation but the root is on zero rotation and if I apply this initial hip rotation then the animation looks weird… it’s hard.


Well then. Sorry to say I have no idea, I’m not animator.
Perhaps you could look into inverse kinematic retargeting?