Apply One Substance To Multiple Meshes?

I want to apply one Substance to different meshes. By this I mean, I want to apply the same Substance over multiple meshes but add different detail to the Substance over each mesh. Is this possible?

I have a bunch of modular walls and rather than having the Substance on each mesh I want to stretch it over multiple meshes so it looks like its one material. I want to be able to add different detail though to each modular wall for variation.


If you want one substance but multiple variations, you will want to right click on the SubstanceInstanceFactory and create another graph instance. From there you can then tweak the new instance parameters and will have a second material you can apply to your meshes.

That is perfect thank you very much Josh! I am struggling with a Substance I made, its all procedural but I can’t seem to figure out how to get it to tile nicely on my modular meshes, due to me using multiple meshes for my walls where the seams are for my models you can notice where the Substance ends and meets due to it not tiling well. I suppose this is something I will need to fix in Designer.

It could be the substance or it could be the UV maps. I know that’s not much help though :stuck_out_tongue:

Same here, knows anyone a way to archieve that?
I tried so many ways for a perfect UV-Layout, but the problem consists.
The substance is generated for the whole map, not only the part where the UV-Map is.
It would be nice to have an easy soloution for that.
Mhhh Answer from staff, last year “Right now SD doesn’t do anything specific for seams. You could easily create a filter that would kind of blur the seams a bit if it was really too visible, but there is nothing built-in. We have some ideas about that issue, but nothing short term.”
Oh no :frowning: some hours freetime flying away…

I made up a material hack that will allow you to remap an instance material

Works with textures only but on my project list is to make one that works with a completed material but don’t have the skills, yet.

Rant mode.

Don’t know why this ability is not built into UE4 from day one as all the parts to make a basic in-place compositor is just sitting there on the kitchen table. ;p

Watched and liked before ^^
Ty but it is not really, what i was searching for.
Last week i spent my freetime with “new fantastic tools, those are a must have” and again i am stuck.
I deleted that substance stuff and go back to blender normal paint, to archieve easy seamless results, with livepaint on model.

It could be that substance is a great tool for single meshes, but when you like modular, and only a hobbyist user, it is to deep to dig into.
Best regards :slight_smile: