Apply Material Instances to all new imported static meshes

Hi Guys,

I’m just starting to try to use Blueprints so maybe a noob question but I can’t find a solution anywhere on the internet.

I want to do this:

import a bunch of FBX files. let’s say 50 with there own texture. (the name of the FBX and the texture can be the same, or the name can be like T_importesFBXname).

  • I have a master material. M_masterMaterial
  • I want to attach a material instance of the masters material to each one of the 50 actors. So I get 50 Material instances with the name MI_importedFBXnames
  • and then give all actors there unique texture (the texture is a param in my master material M_masterMaterial).

I don’t want to do this at runtime. It should function as a “after-import-create-materarialInstance-and-attach-the-right-texture-and-rock&roll” script.

Please help me out.


Anyone? Thanks

I may be mistaken, but by what it sounds like what you are asking is creating an MI when you import the FBX file into the engine. If that is the case, blueprints are not going to help you out there.

If you are placing or spawning the meshes in game, you can create a dynamic material instance. But that will be done during runtime.

Thanks Thuranius for replying!

I understand blueprints aren’t the way to go.
There s no other scripting for editor editing-automatisation, are there? So I’ll start with the C++ quick course then :slight_smile:

I guess this is the only option.