Apply kinematic physic type on specific bones , wrong parent / snapping

Hi all , I have a skeletal mesh with few bones created in blender . when i tried to set physics type to kinematic on specific bones , then simulate , from the second and on going bones , it results in weired and wrong parent / snapping to one of the nearby bone. the first bone however is correctly simulated.any thoughts would be appreciated.

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What are you trying to do exactly?

There’s nodes that let you activate physical animations “on all bodies below”. You can leverage that without setting anything up as kinematic…

Same problem!

I removed all constraints and all the same… I added more chain bones and they all snaps immediately to root bone except first one. Pressed all possible button, played with a bunch of fields. Nothing!

Could very well be a new chaos “feature”.
If you think it’s a bug, fill in a bug report form.

Tried “on all bodies below” and all possible buttons too, nothing changed.
I will file the bug report and see.
Thank you all! :slight_smile:

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