Apply different textures to a mesh

I imported a model that i created in blender to UE4.
Is UE4 able to add different textures to some parts of a model?
Question: I created a barrel and I added a wood texture, the thing that I want to do is to put a iron texture to the barrel hoops (selected in yellow)

By the way, i have an UV map created (saved as a png image) of the barrel, can I apply it to UE4 so it paints the barrel? (i can’t find the way to add a UV map to the barrel (second photo), if its not possible no problem, i prefer to put textures in UE4

Sorry for bad english

A UV map is the coordinates that it uses to map a 2D image on a 3D mesh, it’s not the image itself, those are called Textures.
If you have a texture you want to apply then you need to open up the material that your barrel is using and then plug in your texture into the Diffuse slot of the material.

Im not sure of the specifics of Blender, but in 3DS Max, you can select those polygons that you want to be Iron, then assign a different Material ID to them, (say 2 instead of 1). And apply 2 separate materials to the object, as a Multi-material. Then when you import it into Unreal, you will have the ability to assign one material to the barrel (like a wood), and then one material to the ringed parts (such as Iron)

Hope that gets you started

But it’s possible to add to textures to the barrel (in UE4), or i need to do it in another program?

Its like having 2 meshes? one for the barrel and one for the rings? and then assign a material to each other?
Or you can put the 2 materials on a single mesh? (materials from UE4)

You can’t apply multiple materials to a mesh if you didn’t already, it will only have one slot for the material. If you have a texture that you’ve created and you want to apply it to a mesh, you just import it into UE4 and then open the material and plug it into the appropriate slot.

So if I to put the barrel with the 2 colors, what should I do? if there’s only one material slot.

You need to design your textures to give the proper color and material properties. Really what you need to do is learn some basic texturing tutorials and then look at the workflow for the types of textures that UE4 uses: Materials | Unreal Engine Documentation