Apply different config inis on different cultures

Is there in UE4 something like this?

\Engine\Config\Base*.ini, overridden by <Proj>\Config\Default*.ini, overridden by <Culture>\*.ini, overridden by \Saved\Config\Windows\*.ini

I want to make some settings customized from culture(country) to culture(country).

For example, define different confirm/cancel buttons in East Asia and Europe/America. East Asians are used to the face button right as the confirm button, while Occidental countries are used to the face button bottom as the confirm button.

One more example I may take is to set different font sizes on localization. CJK take less space but require larger font to read

I know UE4 has FInternationalization::Get().GetCurrentCulture()->GetName(), but does it do something with config files?