Apply damage types to line traces

I’m creating a FPS game where the player will use a gun as well as use super powers. I’m using line tracing for both. How can I make the AI tell the difference between a gun shot line trace and a Ice beam line trace?

the simple answer is you dont. a line trace is a tool to show hit results it doesnt actually apply damage so where you set the damage source or type will be elseware in your script. that said i cant really give you a definitive “heres how to do it” answer without seeing your script and how it functions.

Yes, I Too Wanna Know How To Use This To Deliver Various Types Of Deaths Or FXs To Characters, BRU

Did You Try The YT Thing, BRU?

Hi, Srry, That Guys Tuts Are VERY Inconsistent And He Just Lacks At Getting His Point Across, Ive Already Seen It, Still Confused, Just Want To Simply Apply A Certain Type of Death According To Damage Type, Iv Used Damage Number But I Have Multiple Characters And The Code Will Get WAY Too Overwhelming For The Phone Device, BRU, So Many Problems, Just Need To Know How To Check What Damage Type It Is (Like Switch On Int) And Ply A Certain Anim, If You Know, Your Help Will Definitely Mean A Lot, Thanks!

OMG I Figured It Out, So, You Just Have To On An Event Any Damage, Just Promote The Damage Type To A Settable Thing, Called Variable, Then Just Use The Get Variable To Get Class Then Check Through That The Dmg Type Then With Branch Enable A Certain death, BRU!

Nvm i Figured It Out Thanks To His Tuts, BRU!

It Works, BRUU!!! Also Just In Case: